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The Changing Risk Landscape for Suspended Ceiling Contractors

NZS4219:2009 Seismic performance of engineering systems in buildings states: All components of engineering systems shall be configured with a clearly defined load path to transfer the actions (horizontal and vertical) generated in an earthquake, together with the gravity loads, and process induced actions (for example, thermal expansion) to the supporting structure. NZ an early world leader History...
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Suspended Ceilings Code of Practice Consultation Meetings conclude

Suspended Ceilings Code of Practice Update

November was a busy month for the Suspended Ceilings Code of Practice technical group with meetings to discuss the draft being held in Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. A good cross section of the construction industry attended – architects, engineers, council compliance staff, main contractors, builders, ceiling manufacturers and installers. The technical...
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The way we design, coordinate and install suspended ceilings is about to change

Poorly designed in-ceiling services and suspended ceilings caused havoc during recent earthquakes. Fortunately no-one died from falling ceiling infrastructure in either the Christchurch or Wellington quakes. But there remains a genuine and real threat to life when unrestrained ceiling infrastructure collides during an earthquake. The swaying in-ceiling services caused massive structural damage in Wellington where buildings were abandoned...
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