Skimming and things to watch out for

Tips for Tradies

When quoting for skimming on renovation jobs a lot of people miss some easy to spot things. These can cost you a lot of wasted time and effort and cause the end result to be less than desired for the client.

A useful tool to carry when looking at a skimming job is a string line. Very often walls and ceilings will have sagged a lot more than you can easily see. Often this is because there is not much behind them to fix them to.

Pinning a string line to the wall or ceiling in front of the client can show them just how bad it is and help you justify your quote.

If the surface is bad, you can at that point give them the option of having it re-lined so it will be a much better surface. The cost may not be much different.

A customer always appreciates any expert advice on a skimming job as they usually have no real understanding of what’s truly involved.

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