Q?How can AWCI help with my business?

The AWCI will help your future growth by:

  • Website listing and promostion of your business to key building industry markets
    • The Master Builders Association
    • The Certified Builders Association
    • The New Zealand Institute of Building
    • Architects
  • Keeping you informed of interior wall and ceiling industry developments
  • Industry compliance and information (e.g. H&S, CCA)
  • Formal recognition of qualifications and skills
  • Networking with other like-minded members and trades
  • Access to trade and information support (where to go/who to contact)
  • Working with other industry organisations (e.g. BCITO, Master Painters, NZBSF etc.)
  • Regular magazines
  • Business advice and Contracts, Disputes, Payments Helpdesks
Q?I need some standard terms and conditions for my quotes – I’m afraid that I don’t have enough protection?

Call the Executive Officer on 0800 292 469 and ask about our Quotation Books – they have standard terms and conditions which will provide Employment Contracts Act protection.

Q?I’m so busy working that I don’t have time to find out about Health & Safety, Employment Contracts or Drug policies. Can you help me?

Call the Executive Officer on 0800 292 469 and ask about a range of policy templates that are available.

Q?I have a %$#@*&% who won’t pay. Where can I go for help?

AWCI members can call a Helpdesk for advice. There is an Alternate Dispute Resolution practitioner specialising in adjudication under the Consrtuction Contracts Act available to help you.

Q?Do you know of any interesting industry websites, other than this one?

Well thank you but you could take a look at these:

Let us know of any others to add to the list