Suspended Ceilings

suspended ceilings

Tendering Protocol

– All installed suspended ceilings must comply with AS/NZS 2785:2000 and the seismic restraint requirements of AS/NZS 1170.5:2004.
– AWCINZ members are encouraged to submit tenders for grid suspended ceilings based on this AWCI Tendering Protocol to assure compliance.
– Options for the design of seismic restraints for Grid Suspended Ceilings include:

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AWCI ANZ Queenstown Seismic Presentation

Despite requirements of various NZ Standards, the seismic compliance of ceilings has received scant attention in recent years.

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Code of Practice for the Design and Installation of Suspended Ceilings

The writing of the Code of Practice is drawing to a close. A feature of the Code of Practice is proposed seismic grades for suspended ceilings. The seismic grade of a suspended ceiling will be identified by key factors such as: – The Building Importance Level, the Level of Seismic Demand – Building Importance Category and Specific Engineering Design Requirements.

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Code of Practice for Seismic Installation of Suspended Ceilings – September 2013

AWCI has partnered with BRANZ to develop a Code of Practice for Seismic Installation of Suspended Ceilings. The code of practice was a key action arising from the Seismic Resistance of Engineering and Non-Structural Systems Workshop held in Christchurch in March this year. We will also work closely with MBIE with the aim of achieving MBIE endorsement for the industry code.

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Progress with a Suspended Ceilings Code of Practice – September 2013

It is over a year since AWCI hosted industry forums which identified the lack of design detail of suspended ceilings on tender documents as a major industry issue. Tenderers are not provided with information necessary or have the resources to design required restraints. As a result of this usual tendering scenarios are; that seismic restraints are sometimes tagged out, provisional sums for restraints are nominated or no mention or restraints is made or allowed for.

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Seismic Restraint of Non Structural Elements – March 2013

The seismic restraint of non – structural elements (such as suspended ceilings ) and engineering systems (such as mechanical and electrical plant) is a hot topic after the damage caused by the Canterbury earthquake.

AWCI held industry forums in Auckland and Christchurch in 2012 and a lack of design detail on tender documents was identified as a major industry issue. Tenderers are not provided with information necessary or have the resources to design the restraints. Seismic restraints should be detailed in the tender drawings to allow tenderers to compete on price, not conformance. As a result AWCI has developed a Draft Tendering Protocol for Grid Suspended Ceilings.

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Suspended Ceilings Seismic Restraints – December 2012

I approached AWCI earlier this year when I discovered a disturbing trend in seismic restraint disputes involving suspended ceiling subcontractors. It seemed that there was a very poor understanding industry-wide of code requirements for seismic restraints. Whenever there was a problem subcontractors were blamed, sometimes for matters that seemed to be beyond their control.

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